Welcome to the website of R+R Architects.

We are a contemporary practice working in all areas of architecture with extensive experience in; London, Essex, Herts, Kent, Sussex, Suffolk and Norfolk as well as a range of international works.

Whether the nature of your architectural project is; residential, commerical, retail or schools R+R Architects can offer a full package of works. Our portfolio includes a range of design styles from contemporary to traditional and we regularly produce cross over schemes that are a fusion of many stylistics.

We at R+R Architects strive to deliver a strong ethos built around high quality design that hamonises with its environment for your home or your business. We pride ourselves on bespoke schemes that are tailored to the client and have been pushed to the limits to make sure the project conveys a final product that is well refined and resolved.

R+R Architects are a serious Architects Practice that prides itself on cutting edge ideas and bespoke projects that embody our spirit.

Are you an advocate of high quality Architecture? If so call us to discuss your project.